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Corporate Identity

KYUNGDONG BLUE:pantone 293 or DIC 579.C 100 M 70.KYUNGDONG ORANGE:pantone 137 or DIC 2529. M 30 Y 100

KyungDong Group’s symbol mark, the basic building block of the CI (Corporate Identity), implies the ‘Corporate value of respect for people’ as pursued by KyungDong personnel with the letter ‘human 人’ at the center.
Together, the initial ‘K’ delivers our aspiration to expand locally and overseas and the forward looking spirit of ‘Human-Care Environment Business’ that KyungDong seeks in the future.
In addition, the orange ‘Perfect Circle’ at the left top of the symbol that stands for ‘Sun’ shows KyungDong’s vision to guide the way of human living, and the hope of ‘Amiable encounter between KyungDong and its customers’ and ‘Creation of agreeable space for living that connects KyungDong and its customers’.

KyungDong, Value Creator of‘Energy’and ‘Environment’

Contribution to economic growth with development and supply of energy – KyungDong / KyungDong City Gas / KyungDong E&S / KyungDong Construction

With an yearly production of 1 million ton of hard coal, KyungDong is acclaimed as the top local private coal mine. Currently going into the production of overseas soft coal, we have continued in developing coal resources from 1970s. Having supplied city gas since 1984, KyungDong City Gas is setting up natural gas supply network and charging stations, and is gearing toward processing energy sources via gas-fired chilling and heating unit using natural gas, small scale steam supply and power generation, and hydrogen energy research. KyungDong Construction is currently undergoing projects for public convenience from all kinds of facilities construction such as highways, railroads, tunnels, residential land development, water and sewage as well as engineering works and landscape architecture business.

Energy saving, Environment protection via eco-friendly equipment business – KyungDong Navien / KyungDong One / KyungDong Everon / KyungDong TS

Founded in 1978, KyungDong Navien has been established itself as the leading boiler manufacturer by developing the first local eco-friendly condensing boiler. Having solidly positioned in the market with the most number of Ecolabels, Energy Winner Award and CO2 Reduction Award, KyungDong Navien is currently expanding its business to air conditioners, ventilation system and home network areas. As a firm specializing in home network system, KyungDong Network not only possesses the digital technology that controls the home environment with safety and convenience but also efficiently controls energy and living environment equipments such as heaters, air conditioners and ventilators at home in contributing to energy saving. As the producer of highly advanced core components that go into the boiler.
KyungDong Everon has developed the world’s first fin-type stainless heat exchanger in leading the way for energy saving. 
KyungDong TS, which is abbreviation of total solution & Service, is a company specialized in ventilation system and home network system. Further, the company is leading voluntary work and protection of right and benefit of customer through nurturing excellent service engineer through training education center business. In addition, the company is becoming a professional of GLOBAL service under value of customer satisfaction management.

Leads the development of eco-friendly materials and activation of refractories industry – KyungDong One

As the pioneer in local perlite industry, KyungDong Ceratech has been recognized as the developer of eco-friendly materials by manufacturing construction materials harmless to human body such as artificial soil for urban roof plating, thermal insulation materials and refractories for clothing.


1967 1974 1977 1978 1982
Wonjin Co., Ltd.
KyungDong Co., Ltd.
KyungDong City Gas
Co., Ltd. founded
KyungDong NAVIEN
Co., Ltd. founded
KyungDong Network
Co., Ltd. and Kyung
Dong Ceratech Co., Ltd.
1984 1987 1990 2002 2012
KyungDong E&S
Co., Ltd. founded
KyungDong EVERON
Co., Ltd. founded
Co., Ltd. founded
Co., Ltd. founded
KD One Co.,Ltd.( KD
Network Co., Ltd/ KD
Ceramic Co., Ltd
Statutory Merger) and
KD TS Co.,Ltd founded

Energy Development and Supply

  • Foundation 1974
  • Business Area Coal production, overseas resource development and construction
  • Address [HQ] 11F, (Soonaedong), 46gil 4 Soonaero, Bundang-gu,Seongnam-shi, Gyeonggi-do
    [Factory] 512 Dosang-ro, Dogeyeup, Samcheok, Gangwon-do
  • Phone [HQ] 82-31-738-1300
  • Fax [HQ] 82-31-738-1313
  • Homepage www.kyungdong.co.kr
About company

KyungDong has been leading the energy industry of Korea through development of coal, the only energy resource of korea, since19070s.
In today, the company is becoming the No.1 private coal mine through production of 1mil tons of coal annually inside 2,222HA of 11 mining lots.
Further, the company has started to develop resource, such as flaming coal in China and Australia and set up head office for construction for various constructions including road.
KyungDong has been appointed as excellent company in safety management for eight conductive years by MOTIE and acquired Geumtop order of industrial service merit from national quality management competition.

Energy Development and Supply

KyungDong City Gas
  • Foundation 1977
  • Business Area City gas (LNG) supply, sales of plumbing material and heating
  • Address [HQ] 260-10, Yeompo-ro, Buk-gu, Woolsan Metropolitan City (Jinjang-dong)
    [Factory] 512 Dosangro, Dogey-eup, Samcheok-shi, Gangwon-do
  • Phone [HQ] 82-52-219-5300
  • Fax [HQ] 82-52-287-4189
  • Homepage www.kdgas.co.kr
About company

KyungDong gas has started its business from briquette in 1977 and changed the direction to city gas supply in 1984.
The company has been establishing supply chain through scientific plumbing design. Further, the company is expanding its business to gas air conditioner, heater, small steam supply and power generation, research on hydrogen energy by using natural gas.

KyungDong gas is supplying natural gas around Woolsan and Yangsan. In addition, the company has been building up gas station over the nation since Yul-ri CNG gas station has been built.

KyungDong gas has been selected as the excellent enterprise with organization structure by stock exchange center for conductive two years. Further, it has awarded prime minister prize for conglomerate category from 2003 new labor management culture as 26 parts of tradition and inter-labor management culture.

Energy Development and Supply

KyungDong Construction
  • Foundation 2002
  • Business Area Earth Work, Steel Reinforcement and concrete
    business,construction equipment rental business
  • Address [HQ] 217, Jungang-ro, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do,Korea
    [Seoul Office] 10F KyungDong BLDG, Sunae-ro 46beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Phone 82-31-738-1333
  • Fax 82-31-738-1398~9
  • Homepage www.kdconst.co.kr
About company

KyungDong construction has been completing constructions for major key industry and facility constructions including highway, rail road, tunnel, house development, water and sewage based on its various experiences in construction and accumulated technology.

The capability of KyungDong construction has topped all procedures for license for Ganwon area. Further, the company is at the top position for engineering work and reinforced concrete as well.

The company has completed numerous constructions including quadruple line for Yeongdong highway, road construction between Hanam-Hobeop of Joong-gu highway, roadbed for double track railway of Gyeongchun line.

Energy Development and Supply

KyungDong E&S
  • Foundation 1984
  • Business Area City gas plumbing business and plant construction, import & export physical distribution management
  • Address [HQ] 304 Jangsaengpo-ro Nam-gu, Ulsan
  • Phone [HQ] 82-52-270-8330
  • Homepage www.kdgas.co.kr
About company

KyungDong ENS is an construction company which is putting all efforts on setting plumbing infra structure for expansion of city gas supply for Ulsan, Yangju for the last 30 years since 1984.
KyungDong ENS has newly established distribution department in 2003 and attempting to provide knowhow for establishment of logistic system of importer and exporter efficient distribution.

Energy Saving Equipment

  • Foundation 1982
  • Business Area Investment business, sales and production of construction / commercial material made of eco-friendly material, production and sales of home network system
  • Address 4F, 76-gil 22, Gukhoidae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City (new building of KOAMI, Yeouido-dong)
  • Phone 82-2-559-8357
  • Fax 82-2-559-8377
  • Homepage www.kdone.co.kr
About company

KyungDong One, which has started as the holding company for managing investments of affiliates and brand, has merged with KyungDong Ceratech and KyungDong Network in July of 2012.
KyungDong one consists of business parts of Ceratech, which leads energy saving and safe living environment, and Network, which establishes optimal living environment through home network system in which cutting-edge technologies are integrated, based on own business department which is for system establishment, investment and strategic brand along with eco-friendly composite technology.
KyungDong One is becoming the leader of future living environment leading energy saving through concentration of competence and maximization of synergy businesses as a result from merger between three affiliates.

Energy Saving Equipment

KyungDong EVERON
  • Foundation 1987
  • Business Area Sales and manufacturing of heat exchanger and burner
  • Address [HQ] 3~6F, 76-gil 22, Gukhoidae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City (new building of KOAMI, Yeouido-dong)
    [Factory] 1334 Gagok-ro, Angseongmyeon, Chungju-shi, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Phone [HQ] 82-43-850-3000
    [Seoul Office] 82-2-3489-2200
  • Fax [HQ] 82-43-855-3511
    [Seoul Office] 82-2-3489-2222
  • Homepage www.kdeveron.co.kr
About company

KyungDong Everon is a professional manufacturer of parts and produces the key parts of energy facilities.
KyungDong Everon is abbreviation of Ever (always) and On (turned on) that it represents the will of the company to become the leader of key parts which vitalizes products continuously like heart, the core of life.

Currently, the company is developing heat exchanger, gas and oil burner, circulating pump, fan which are internal parts for boiler.
Especially, pin-type stainless heat exchanger, which is the core part of KyungDong condensing boiler, has been developed by KyungDong Everon for the first time in the world that its value is still being acknowledged.

Energy Saving Equipment

KyungDong NAVIEN
  • Foundation 1978
  • Business Area Boiler, water heater, air conditioner, ventilation and homenetwork
  • Address [HQ] 95 Suwolam-gil, Seotan-meyo, Pyeongtake, Gyeonggi
    5,6F, 76-gil 22, Gukhoidae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City (new building of KOAMI, Yeouido-dong)
    [Peyeongtaek Factory] 663 Gyeonggidae-ro, Pyeongtaek-shi, Seoul metropolitan city (Segyodong)
    [Factory 3] 121gil 57, Sandan-ro, Pyeongtak-shi, Gyeonggi-do (Mogok-dong)
  • Phone [HQ] 82-31-8060-5500
  • Fax [HQ] 82-31-659-1111
  • Homepage www.kdnavien.co.kr
About company

KyungDong Navien has grown as professional boiler manufacturer of Korea since its foundation in 1978. The company has topped for condensing boiler, export and total sales in Korea in 1988, 1990 and 2001 respectively as well as still maintaining its position.

Especially, the company has awarded grand prize for new technology product frontier award, KS-QEI and grand prize for CO2 reduction for two conductive years. Currently, KyungDong Navien has expanded its business to air conditioner, ventilation system and home network as well as is becoming the creator of living environment which can optimized room temperature.

Energy Saving Equipment

KyungDong TS
  • Foundation 2012
  • Business Area Service for all products of Kyundong and fostering excellent engineer
  • Address 3~6F, 76-gil 22, Gukhoidae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City (new building of KOAMI, Yeouido-dong)
  • Phone [RPhone] 82-2-3489-2200
  • Fax [HQ] 82-2-3489–2222
  • Homepage www.kdts.co.kr
About company

KyungDong TS (Total Solution & Service) is specialized in services for boiler, water heater, ventilation and home network system.
Further, the company leads protection of customer rights and service through excellent service and engineer through training in training center. Further, KyungDong TS is becoming a global professional service company under customer-satisfaction management.

Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Foundation 1982
  • Business Area Sales and production of various construction/ industrial materials made of perlite and high-performance materials
  • Address [HQ] 4F, 76-gil 22, Gukhoidae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City
    [Factory] 331 Asanho-ro, Yeongin-myeon, Asan, Chunceongnam-do
    [Factory] 1095 Cheongang-ro, Gangdong-myeon, Gyeongju-shi, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Phone 82-2-559-8181
  • Fax 82-2-552-6224
  • Homepage www.kdone.co.kr
About company

KyungDong Ceratech has been leading perlite industry in Korea by developing the world’s best perlite through constant investment in R&D. The company has been striving to recover urban environment and prevent global warming through green roof system which uses eco-friendly artificial earth. Further, the company has been contributing to growth of national industry, energy saving and stability of residential area through insulation technology of LNG transportation ship, various plant and fire resistive covering material with excellent fire resistance. Further, the company has built factory in Gonsan of China for entering Chinese market.